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While serving with Global Frontier Missions, I have visited LOAM four times over the past two years. It is exciting to see how God is working in the state of Odisha through LOAM workers. Each time I have visited, I have seen a progression of the disciple making progress with new leaders being risen up and new churches planted in villages without a church. There have been opportunities to take students to Odisha and teach disciple making principles to LOAM church planters so they can better be equipped for the work ahead. It is humbling to say that I have learnt so much more from LOAM and how they engage people with the Gospel to plant churches, than I have taught them. I get a great sense that the workers at LOAM are trustworthy, genuine and passionate about reaching the lost and fulfilling the Great Commission and in doing so, they meet felt needs through their school, children’s homes and medical clinics in villages. My time working alongside LOAM has been a fulfilling and life changing experience and I look forward to the many years ahead in partnership with this wonderful ministry.


Adrian, Australia

When I heard about the persecution they had experienced in 2007 and 2008, I started to pray for them and wanted to be involved in some way. My roommate had the idea to go visit LOAM ministry so we took a 10 day trip last September 2017.  Santosh and his brothers took us around to visit different village house churches that had emerged since the persecution along with the LOAM boys home, which was started to house boys (and girls in the girls’ home) whose parents were killed in the persecution of Christians. It seemed much like the first century church that we know from Acts.  The heart I feel for their children's homes is based on Psalm 68:5, James 2:27, and Matthew 25:31-46.  God is building the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the remote parts of India in our generation much like He has done in many nations before our time. Truly His Spirit beats hot in these rural areas among the least reached of India as Jesus said in Matthew 11:25-26. As his brothers mentioned, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. One other special thing I noticed about LOAM is their home area was originally evangelized by Canadian missionaries about 100 years ago. Now today LOAM is an indigenous grass roots ministry of many pastors that continue to spread the Gospel and willing to risk their lives for Christ. Talk about a 100 year vision for missions. Praise the Lord!


Stephen, USA


As  missionaries and teams have come to serve with LOAM ministries in India, they have a story to share about what the ministry is like.

Visiting the mission sites in Odisha was a very enriching experience for me. Pankaj and Lalit were generous hosts, thoughtful and attentive to all my needs. Their dedication to the spread of the gospel among the villages was truly inspiring. They introduced me personally to the villagers and taught me very much about the culture of southeastern India, which was all very new to me. They even regarded me as a partner in ministry, giving me numerous opportunities to share the Scriptures and pray with the villagers in the house churches. This was an indescribable blessing to me, deepening my appreciation of the power of the gospel to impact and transform lives. I will not forget all that I saw there. I continue to pray for the ministries of LOAM India, asking God to provide for all their needs, so that the church planters and all their partners may effectively share the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ with everyone around them

Christopher, Michigan; USA

My wife and I just spent a week with LOAM Ministries in India. The ministry’s desire and dedication to reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ is evident. They are willing to go and do whatever God call’s them to do in spite of any difficulties. They have compassion for the less fortunate which is evidenced through their work with orphans. They operate an orphanage where homeless children have a safe place to live and are taught the Bible. The staff has a genuine love for the children. They also run a Christian school and are in the process of adding to it. This ministry goes the second mile with the love of Christ! I have seen it first hand. I would highly recommend any mission minded person, or group, to become involved in this ministry. It is truly a life changing experience. You will be blessed, lives will be transformed, and God will be glorified! 

Dr. Brian M. Goss, 

Pastor and President

of The Gospel for God’s Glory

Ministries, USA

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