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Women's Empowerment

According to the the UN in their lawful economic profile of Women in the World, women represent 50% of the population making up 30% of the rural labor force, performing 60% of all working hours, receiving 10% of the worked income than men but still owning less than 1% of the world's property. 


This is also true of Indian women and very true of rural women. In our country rural women suffer being both economically and socially invisible. Social invisibility is a result of general status of second class citizen, usually accorded to women. It is not surprising that developmental programs which do not take into account the aspirations of women are not effective in achieving their objectives. The growing realization that rural Women are not inarticulate, illiterate, or ignorant, but are in fact, productive, hard working adults who have coped with a battle for survival from a very young age. This makes their participation in their development process increasingly necessary and imperative. This is reason we want to empower women giving them a marketable skill that  will raise their status and situation in life.

LOAM aims to continue this project to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To empower unemployed young women and build self confidence, self support and self reliance

  • To enable women to develop mind, body and spirit

  • To encourage and equip women to become Literate Leaders

  • To equip unemployed youth by developing their skills for the future

  • To provide education to women of all ages and stations 

  • To help widows and single mothers to be self-supporting

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